It organizes by FIA and every racers dreamed rallies.

Formula1 is every racers last place.Every racers career starts from GoCart and finishes in F1.

It is the biggest race organization because the people like speed and the fastest cars in Formula1.Many people buys the race tickets before years.Now let s talk about the races.

There are 16 gran prix in aseasın.There are 11 team,22 pilots.These teams catogorises in groups.In the race tracks there are speed levels and low speed levels;if you wouldn t low in these places you would crash or if you wouldn t crash in these sides you will take 10sc. stop and go penalty,money punishments and disqualify.In pit lanes you have to go under 76km/h,of course this is a very long time to enter.The entering is 10sc. pit 0-… and outgoing is 10sc. so this is a very long time to pit.

There are referies in this sport too.They check the pilots by the cameras and speed radars.The biggest racers in Formula1 is the Ayrton Senna,Michael Schumaer,Damon Hill,Heinz Harald Frentzen and Mika Hakkinen.But ı think the biggest one is Ayrton Senna he was the pilot William Renault.In 1994,in San Marino grand prix he dead by an accident.In his dead report writes that he killed by crashing his cars spoilers on his head.

This sport start in 1960’s in those times they were racing on sand turfs and make about 70km/h and now it is 300km/h.In this sentence we can understand that this sport supports technology.

Every track is have to be about 4 or 7.5 km s.Before the race start the pilots seed for que.If you would do the best times you will be qualified in the first.

Before the race start the security car checks the track.After the scan the pilots go for warm up their,engine…etc.Afters these the four lights goes of and the race starts.The referee s say how long they will race.It is 75 in a small,60 in amiddle,45 in a big grand prix.

At the final of the race the referee s check the first 6 drivers car s kg,tyres,engine,spoiler.

If the car isn t in the standarts he disqualifies.

The pointment is;







There are two classman points it is the "Driver s championship" and the "companies championship"


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