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1843 TWICE-TOLD TALES THE BIRTHMARK by Nathaniel Hawthorne IN THE LATTER PART of the last century, there lived a man of science- an eminent proficient in every branch of natural philosophy- who, not long before our story opens, had made experience of a spiritual affinity, more attractive than any chemical one. He had left his […]


1835 TWICE-TOLD TALES ALICE DOANE’S APPEAL by Nathaniel Hawthorne ON A PLEASANT AFTERNOON of June, it was my good fortune to be the companion of two young ladies in a walk. The direction of our course being left to me, I led them neither to Legge’s Hill, nor to the Cold Spring, nor to the […]


1835 TWICE-TOLD TALES THE AMBITIOUS GUEST by Nathaniel Hawthorne ONE SEPTEMBER NIGHT a family had gathered round their hearth, and piled it high with the driftwood of mountain streams, the dry cones of the pine, and the splintered ruins of great trees that had come crashing down the precipice. Up the chimney roared the fire, […]


1844 TWICE-TOLD TALES THE ARTIST OF THE BEAUTIFUL by Nathaniel Hawthorne AN ELDERLY MAN, with his pretty daughter on his arm, was passing along the street, and emerged from the gloom of the cloudy evening into the light that fell across the pavement from the window of a small shop. It was a projecting window; […]

_poor Richard Improved_

_Poor Richard Improved_ 1748 _Kind Reader,_ The favourable Reception my annual Labours have met with from the Publick these 15 Years past, has engaged me in Gratitude to endeavour some Improvement of my Almanack. And since my Friend _Taylor_ is no more, whose _Ephemerides_ so long and so agreeably serv’d and entertain’d these Provinces, I […]

İşletme Büyüklüğü

İŞLETME BÜYÜKLÜĞÜ Başta işletme kurulumu olmak üzere işletmelerin incelenmesinde en önemli noktalardan biri de işletmenin çeşitli kriterlere göre büyüklüğüdür. Bu kriterlerden en yaygın olanları aşağıda sunulmuştur: ·Yıllık Kârlar ·Net Aktifler (Varlık) ·Yıllık Satışlar ·Yatırım Toplamı ·Öz Sermaye Miktarı ·Çalıştırılan Eleman Sayısı ·Harcanan Enerji Miktarı (Not: Çeşitli sektörlere göre değişik kriterler oluşturulabilir: Otellerde yatak sayısı, sinemalarda […]

London 1757-1775

LONDON 1757-1775 by Benjamin Franklin _William Franklin to the Printer of the Citizen: A Defense of the Quakers and the Pennsylvania Assembly_ _Some Account of the late Disputes between the Assembly of_ Pensylvania, _and their present Governor_ William Denny, _Esq;_ In our _Magazine_, _Vol._ xxv. p. 87 _Vol._ xxvi. _p._ 28. we have given a […]

Parıs 1776-1785

PARIS 1776-1785 by Benjamin Franklin _The Sale of the Hessians_ FROM THE COUNT DE SCHAUMBERGH TO THE BARON HOHENDORF, COMMANDING THE HESSIAN TROOPS IN AMERICA Rome, February 18, 1777. MONSIEUR LE BARON: — On my return from Naples, I received at Rome your letter of the 27th December of last year. I have learned with […]